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2. Oct 2016 UPDATE
Spent the week in Washington DC, doing research at the Folger Shakespeare Library for Coriolanus and seeing shows at Woolly, Shakespeare Theater, Studio, Forum, and Arena.  Really impressed with DC's theater scene.  Now off to New York!

15. Sept 2016 update
Just back from a terrific weekend at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for their first Play On convening.  Great to spend time with such a smart group of people and wonderful to see all the shows at OSF.

Imagination is at the center of my work.

What first thrilled me about theater were imaginative "what if" plays.   What if everybody started turning into rhinoceroses?  What if a woman had to spend her existence buried up to the waist?  

Imagination is what leads to empathy, to problem solving, and to personal transformation.  

It has been undervalued in our culture and the theater should  be its sanctuary.

Director • Translator • Playwright