Director • Translator • Playwright     

Rob Melrose

Photos by Rob Melrose

"It's a production of The Taming of the Shrew unlike any other!"

-SF Station

"High-energy, cleverly updated"

​-Rob Avila

SF Bay Gurdian

by William Shakespeare
The Cutting Ball Theater

Rob Melrose, Artistic Director

July 12 - 29. 2007

Directed by Rob Melrose
​Set Design by Fred Kinney
Costume Design by Claire Calderwood
Lighting Design by Heather Basarab
​Original Music / Sound Design by Cliff Caruthers
​Props by Carlos Aguilar
Choreography by Lisa Tsubouchi

BiancaFelicia Benefield
LucentioChad Deverman
BiondelloSam Gibbs
TranioPonder Abra Goddard
Dancer / ServantCat Lum
GrumioAvery Monsen
HortensioKarl Mossberger
Pedant / WidowGwyneth Richards
KatherinaPaige Rogers
Dancer / ServantElena Scott
PetruchioDavid Sinaiko
GremioDavid Wesley Skillman
Dancer / ServantLisa Tsubouchi
BaptistaLeNeac Weathersby
Curtis / VincentioJason Wong

"It's ironic that such an uber-liberal city as San Francisco should be the site of one of the most brazen and brilliant versions of Shakespeare's uber-un-politically-correct comedy, The Taming of the Shrew, I've seen to date. The Cutting Ball's production at The Magic Theatre directed by Rob Melrose and starring Paige Rogers and David Sinaiko as confrontational spouses Katerina and Petruchio, not only meets Shakespeare's problematic comedy head-on with vicious humor but makes it disarmingly contemporary -- and local.  

-Chloe Veltman

SF Weekly

The Taming of the Shrew - The Cutting Ball Theater