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"Rob Melrose directs Pen and his casting is spot-on, so that the three characters feel like flesh and blood people...

This black box theater production is not lavish as are so many Guthrie plays.  Rather, it focuses on strong acting with Marshall Grant's engaging script, where sharp dialogue defines character. In Rob Melrose's design, a plain backdrop is lit from behind in luminous color, and simple period props make up the set. The play needs no more; it carries itself on powerful acting and a sound script."

-Elizabeth Weir

Talkin' Broadway

by David Marshall Grant
The Guthrie Theater

Joe Dowling, Artistic Director

November 3 - 27, 2007

Directed by Rob Melrose
Set Design by Rob Melrose
Costume Design by Christine Richardson
Lighting Design by Frank Butler
Sound Design by Andrew Mayer

​Featuring Michelle Barber, Philip Callen, and Marc Halsey

"Pen: well-penned, well-staged

The three performers, crisply directed by Rob Melrose, handle every twist and turn of plot with surety.

 It's not a major play, but a sweet one with a lot of telling observations and heart. And its performance is a pleasure to watch."  

-David Hawley

The St. Paul Pioneer Press


Rob Melrose

Director • Translator • Playwright