Director • Translator • Playwright     

Rob Melrose

"This smart production conveys both the astonishing beauty of Beckett's prose and the proper amount of empathy for all the suffering caused by living in a maddeningly nonsensical world that provides no answers to any of our most important questions. It's almost as if they mean to say that life is worth living anyway. To do all that with Beckett is quite an amazing feat."  

-Deborah Giattina

The SF  Bay Guardian

Photos by Rob Melrose

By Samuel Beckett
The Cutting Ball Theater

Rob Melrose, Artistic Director

February 22 - March 16

Directed by Rob Melrose
Set Design by Fred Kinney
Costume Design by Bessie Delucchi
Lighting Design by Heather Basarab
Original Music / Sound Design by Cliff Caruthers
Props by Carlos Aguilar
Dramaturgy by Brad Chequer


David Sinaiko

ClovAvery Monsen

Paul Gerrior

NellMaureen Coyne

"Drawing upon Bertolt Brecht's edict that the artist's job is to either make the familiar strange or the strange familiar, Melrose's masterful mise-en-scène succeeds in its aim to accomplish the latter of these twin propositions."  

-Chloe Veltman

The SF Weekly