Director • Translator • Playwright     

Rob Melrose

Named one of the Top Ten stage productions of 2005

by The San Francisco Bay Times

Photos by Rob Melrose

"The Cutting Ball Theater's new production explores the pair's childlessness by playing up the often-dismissed fact that they likely just lost a baby. The first time we see Lady Macbeth, for example, she's alone in an empty nursery with a bassinet and abandoned dolls. Also, the dialogue of the three witches on whom Macbeth relies for details about his future is interpreted here as fragments of his mourning wife's conscience, even though the witches themselves are mirror images of him."

-Karen Macklin

The  SF Weekly

"Director Rob Melrose and Cutting Ball Theater take a bold, innovative approach in a slightly cut, intriguingly rearranged, inventively staged version of Shakespeare's great tragedy that looks at the Macbeths as the parents of a dead child and downplays much of the witchcraft."

​-Robert Hurwitt

The San Francisco Chronicle

by William Shakespeare
The Cutting Ball Theater

Rob Melrose, Artistic Director

May 6 - July 16

Directed by Rob Melrose

Produced by Adriana Baer
Set Design by Michael Locher
Costume Design by Raquel Barreto
Sound & Music Design by Cliff Caruthers
Lighting Design by Rob Melrose
Stage Manager Corinne Kane
Assistant Stage Manager Laura Davis
Graphic Design by Debra Singer

Featuring Garth Petal, Paige Rogers, Keith C. Davis, Andrew Harkins, Daniel Krueger, David Sinaiko & Jack Sale

"This Macbeth is intriguing, intellectually involving, visually imaginative, and -- best of all -- funny."  

-Chloe Veltman

SF Weekly