Director • Translator • Playwright     

Rob Melrose

"Communique No. 10. moves past the political and into the personal, challenging not only what a state owes its citizens, but what citizens owe themselves and each other…a group of nimble and fearless actors [are] constructing an elaborate environment with the Cutting Ball Theater’s Communique No. 10." 

–Grace Lovio

The Daily Californian

"Melrose’s lively production is…rewarding to watch" 

–Sam Hurwitt

Marin Independent Journal

"[Gallet] is a natural choice for The Cutting Ball, and finds an excellent translator in Cutting Ball’s artistic director, Rob Melrose.”

–Charles Kruger


"Communiqué n˚10 is an ambitious American premiere”

–Robert Hurwitt

The San Francisco Chronicle

Photos by Laura Mason

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New York, NY 10001

"Cutting Ball Theater’s production of Communiqué n˚10 bursts out of the gate with incredible, anarchic energy that grabs the audience from the very beginning and doesn’t let go until the lights come back on."

-Woodrow Currie

SF Station

by Samuel Gallet
The Cutting Ball Theater

Rob Melrose, Artistic Director

April 25 - May 25, 2014

Directed by Rob Melrose
Set Design by Michael Locher
Costume Design by Emily White
Lighting Design by York Kennedy
Original Music / Sound Design by Cliff Caruthers
Voice and Speech Consulting by Lynne Soffer
Production Stage Management by Jocelyn Thompson

HassanDamien Seperi
DamienParis Hunter Paul

Ponder Goddard

MarleneMaura Halloran
YagWiley Naman Strasser
The ChildHuge E Carajal
The Old ManAaron Malberg


by Samuel Gallet

in a new translation by Rob Melrose

directed by Rob Melrose

The Cutting Ball Theater